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Hey, who hasn't been there? Your favorite power drill isn't performing as well as you expected? Professionals who use their power drill every day know the reason: To achieve the best performance, you need a quality chuck between the power drill and the tool.

Don't compromise: Give your drill the edge in performance! With a high-end drill chuck from RÖHM.

Add pro-level performance
to your drill!


Extremely compact design (1)

The compact design reduces the top-heaviness of the drill and allows more freedom of movement in narrow spaces.

Uncompromising quality in the manufacturing process (2)

RÖHM EXTRA50 and EXTRA80 drill chucks meet the highest manufacturing standards and are produced exclusively in Germany in accordance with strict standards.

Each one checked (3)

No RÖHM EXTRA50 and EXTRA80 drill chuck leaves our factory without being tested. In a special inspection procedure, the quality is checked thoroughly.

Machined from one piece (4)

The casing of the clamping body is CNC milled from solid steel. With the highest precision. For maximum quality - even for heavy-duty, industrial or professional use.

Suitable for use in harsh environments (5)

The RÖHM EXTRA50 and EXTRA80 drill chuck is protected against the ingress of dirt into the clamping mechanism by the chamfered cover plate.

Shift sleeve (6)

The metal clamping sleeve provides optimum grip when clamping the drill chuck.

One-hand locking system (7)

High-precision, industrial-grade, one-hand radial locking system. For maximum tool retention in both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Hammer-drill capable with an audible locking mechanism you can also feel during clamping.

Reliable tool locking (8)

The tool lock maintains clamping force even in the event of an abrupt spindle stop. As safe as a high performance car in an emergency stop. Especially important on high-torque cordless power drills.

Maximum grip (9)

Clamping jaws with carbide inserts provide maximum grip and extra-long life for extended use.

Free-running protective disc (10)

A freewheeling guard ring ensures the chuck is not damaged when it runs close to the workpiece.

Hardened jaws for an iron fist grip.

Maximum Grip

  • Extra grip thanks to clamping surface made of carbide
  • No slippage of drill bits
  • No bits falling out
  • Secure grip for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation

Drill perfectly circular holes!

Perfect concentricity

  • Precise, circular drilling
  • No out-of-run tool rotation
  • Reduce the wear on drill bits and tools

Compact and powerful for improved ergonomics

Perfect Handling

  • More comfortable to work with
  • Extremely compact
  • Minimum weight
  • More space to work
  • Easier to work in confined spaces

Transmits the motor power all the way to the tip of the tool

100% Torque

  • Loss-free transmission of torque
  • Maximum efficiency for extra performance
  • Better results when drilling and using screw bits

Find the perfect chuck for your drill:

Get the extra boost!
Find the right drill chuck:

Your model is not listed? Then click HERE!

Tested and recommended by DIY pro
Nils Rasmusson


With over 713,000 followers on his YouTube channel @LRN2DIY, Nils is one of the most popular DIY professionals in the world. He personally tested the RÖHM Chuck-Up Your Drill chucks for you. Find out why he thinks RÖHM is “the Mercedes-Benz of drill chucks.

Quality-check of the RÖHM drill chucks by Nils Rasmusson

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						bei Nils Rasmusson
You can find all of Nils's reviews and tips HERE: @LRN2DIY Youtube channel

More about Nils

Nils Rasmusson

The RÖHM drill chuck makes
makes all the difference!

No more slipping drills!

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No more bits falling out!

Before-after test

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Drilling perfect holes at last!

Before-after test

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How do I change the drill chuck?

The Do it Yourself drill chuck replacement is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Just click HERE and we'll show you step by step how easy it is. Either check out our guide CHUCK-UP YOUR DRILL CHUCK CHANGE or watch the detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL.

To the tutorial

Where can I buy RÖHM drill chucks?

The easiest way is through our partner stores listed on this website. Simply select the make and model of your power tool in the DRILL CHUCK FINDER - then the matching tuning drill chucks and purchase options for your drill will be automatically displayed.

You can also find RÖHM EXTRA-RV professional drill chucks in any well-stocked tool store. In this case, however, you will first need to determine the exact model of RÖHM drill chuck that fits your power drill.

Which drill chuck is right for me?

Simply select the make and model of your power drill in the DRILL CHUCK FINDER - then the matching tuning drill chucks and purchase options for your power drill will be automatically displayed.

Some power drills will display two chucks to choose from. Both are a perfect fit for your power drill. The following guideline can be applied to help you decide:

  • Choose the EXTRA50-RV if you're a DIY Expert.
  • Choose the EXTRA80-RV if you are a professional or have the highest demands on your tool.
Why do professionals rely on RÖHM drill chucks?

RÖHM drill chucks are renowned amongst professionals. Quite simply - because professionals know: the best results can only be achieved if there is a first-class chuck between the power drill and tool. RÖHM drill chucks are legendary when it comes to combining optimum handling, reliability and uncompromising quality and performance. That is why RÖHM drill chucks are trusted by professionals who expect only the best from their power tools. Quality since 1909.

How do I find the correct drill chuck if my drill is not in the finder?

Even in the rare cases where you can’t find your power drill model in our product finder data base, we will show you how to determine what size you need step by step. Just click HERE and follow the simple, easy to follow instructions to DETERMINE WHICH DRILL CHUCK you need or watch this detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL.