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by the diy expert Nils Rasmusson

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Chuck Up Your Drill

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Most people think that all drill chucks are created equal. But it takes three things to make a really good chuck: the first is a clever design, the second is careful manufacturing and the third is quality materials. You know what we're talking about as someone who is a DIY expert.

How does the quality of the chuck affect the performance of the drill? It's a question that's rarely asked, because almost everyone's under the impression that all drill chucks are the same. DIY professional Nils Rasmusson did some research on the subject. And came to this clear conclusion:

The Chuck-Up Your Drill chuck replacement is worthwhile for anyone who has a second-rate or worn out drill chuck on their drill.

Chuck-Up Your Drill:
The quality check

In the video Chuck-Up Your Drill, Nils shows you how important a top drill chuck is for the performance of the power drill and how you can take your power drill’s performance to a new level in just a few minutes by changing the chuck.

The RÖHM drill chuck makes
makes all the difference!

No more slipping drills!

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No more bits falling out!

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Drilling perfect holes at last!

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Tested and recommended
by diy pro nils rasmusson

Nils Rasmusson

Our expert for you!

With over 713,000 followers on his YouTube channel @LRN2DIY, Nils is one of the most popular DIY professionals in the world. He put the RÖHM Chuck-Up drill chuck to the test for you. Find out why he thinks RÖHM is “the Mercedes-Benz of drill chucks.

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How do I change the drill chuck?

The Do it Yourself drill chuck replacement is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Just click HERE and we'll show you step by step how easy it is. Either check out our guide CHUCK-UP YOUR DRILL CHUCK CHANGE or watch the detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL.

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Where can I buy RÖHM drill chucks?

The easiest way is through our partner stores listed on this website. Simply select the make and model of your power tool in the DRILL CHUCK FINDER - then the matching tuning drill chucks and purchase options for your drill will be automatically displayed.

You can also find RÖHM EXTRA-RV professional drill chucks in any well-stocked tool store. In this case, however, you will first need to determine the exact model of RÖHM drill chuck that fits your power drill.

Which drill chuck is right for me?

Simply select the make and model of your power drill in the DRILL CHUCK FINDER - then the matching tuning drill chucks and purchase options for your power drill will be automatically displayed.

Some power drills will display two chucks to choose from. Both are a perfect fit for your power drill. The following guideline can be applied to help you decide:

  • Choose the EXTRA50-RV if you're a DIY Expert.
  • Choose the EXTRA80-RV if you are a professional or have the highest demands on your tool.
Why do professionals rely on RÖHM drill chucks?

RÖHM drill chucks are renowned amongst professionals. Quite simply - because professionals know: the best results can only be achieved if there is a first-class chuck between the power drill and tool. RÖHM drill chucks are legendary when it comes to combining optimum handling, reliability and uncompromising quality and performance. That is why RÖHM drill chucks are trusted by professionals who expect only the best from their power tools. Quality since 1909.

How do I find the correct drill chuck if my drill is not in the finder?

Even in the rare cases where you can’t find your power drill model in our product finder data base, we will show you how to determine what size you need step by step. Just click HERE and follow the simple, easy to follow instructions to DETERMINE WHICH DRILL CHUCK you need or watch this detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL.